BMW X3: One of the Original Luxury SUV’s

In the late 90’s and early 00’s, the luxury car market was being shaken up by the up and coming luxury SUV. One of the leaders of that charge was BMW with the X5 introduced in 1999. The X5 was such a hit; the smaller BMW X3 came out in 2003. It was introduced in the form of a concept vehicle called the xActivity at the 2003 Detroit Auto Show. The production vehicle wasn’t very different from the concept and it was a big hit as the luxury SUV grew in popularity.


Designated as the E83, the first generation X3 was based on the E46 3-Series. They all came with the same outstanding drivetrain with the 3.0L I6 and the xDrive all-wheel drive system. This was a great formula to make for a capable SUV with adequate power and driving dynamics you would expect from a BMW. And, you can get them easily as used cars for sale in Spokane WA these days!


The X3 was just what the brand needed when wagons were going out of style. BMW has always made quality wagons and they still do today, but SUV’s are abundantly more popular due to their style, ride height, and interior space. The X3 comfortably seats five with plenty of room for cargo. Step inside and there’s no question you’re in a quality, German luxury vehicle.


The second generation X3 (F25) came out for the 2011 model year with a refreshed look and production moved to the US. At its core, it’s similar to the first generation E83. It’s practical, stylish, and enjoyable to drive. It’s everything that people love about the BMW brand in the form of an economical SUV.


The BMW X3 in any year or any generation has aged gracefully. They’ve held up as sure-footed SUV’s with a brilliant all-wheel drive system that can get through just about any road condition. Since they all have the same kind of engine and they’re all AWD, they’re quite easy to shop for. If you are searching for used cars for sale Spokane, then they can be a really good choice. As a matter of fact, they’re a good bargain on the used market and offer a lot of bang for the buck.


Maybe you want an SUV, but you don’t want something boring. Maybe you’ve always loved BMW, but need something bigger and more practical than a sport sedan. Maybe you just can’t resist the distinctly German look and the kidney shaped grille. In any case, the BMW X3 has something for everyone to love. It’s a true driver’s car that isn’t just for the driver. Your passengers will be so comfortable that they’ll be enjoying the drive just as much as you. Website

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