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When it comes to cars for sale in Spokane WA, there are not many better places than where you can get some premium car options.


4 Reasons Why We Love our Military Customers


Car Emporium is proudly a military-friendly business. We’re happy to offer one of the best military discounts Spokane has to offer. It’s the least we can do for the brave men and women who have served our great nation. Here are a few reasons why we appreciate our armed forces so much.

They’re friendly

When a brother or sister in the military walks into Car Emporium, we can tell right away. There’s no escape from the friendly, respectful demeanor that’s instilled by the military. A dead giveaway is when they start calling us “sir” or “ma’am.” A nice, firm handshake usually comes with the first impression. This friendly attitude is the reason we provide a USAA discount Spokane service men and women can really benefit from.

2) They have taste

Car Emporium doesn’t just sell regular cars. We pride ourselves on our exciting inventory full of cars you don’t see every day. Our military customers appreciate that variety. Many of our friends with a military background have experience with pretty serious vehicles that aren’t quite street legal. That’s why they come here for cars that are out of the ordinary. Soldiers want a good deal like anybody else. They can turn a good value into a great value when they take advantage of our military discount Spokane car dealers don’t always offer.

3) The boss has a Navy background

Our founder Bill Van Dinter joined the Navy back in 1979 and takes great pride in his service to the country he loves. Bill and his lovely wife Mary Ann appreciate the military and gold star families and love having them come in. We want to show that appreciation by offering a military discount and USAA discount Spokane soldiers can enjoy. We don’t have the only military discount Spokane can offer, but we do have one of the best.

4) They’re our most courteous guests

Like anyplace that sells cars, we’re not immune to tire kickers and overly ambitious negotiators. When military customers come in, they treat our facility and our cars with the same level of respect that we do. They’re always a pleasure to work with. Every experience we have with a military customer is a reminder of why we have our military discount Spokane dealers don’t always have.

Whether you’re military or not, pay us a visit at Car Emporium. We have luxury cars, sports cars, high-end SUV’s, and much more at excellent prices. If you’re looking for something a little different from what you’ll find in the rest of Spokane, Car Emporium is the place to find it! Website

Tips to Select from the Best Car Dealers in Spokane


Are you planning to buy a used car? If that’s the case then I’m sure you would be confused to see the long list of car dealers in Spokane or wherever in the world you are. So what can you do to end this confusion? How can you get access to one of the best dealers in town?

What if you could get some tips on the same? That’s exactly what we are here for. Check out these tips and see how you can find the best dealer in town –

  1. Car inventory

The biggest judge of a car dealer’s capability is the inventory of used cars that they possess. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is check out the cars that are present in their inventory. After all, when you are looking to buy a used car the more options you have at hands, the better it is. So, go out there, visit them in person or check out the list of cars they have in their backyard by going to their website.

  1. Past clientele

Another important thing to know before you invest your money on a used car from any of the dealers out there is to check out the customer satisfaction in the past. Go through their customer reviews. Take a look at what the people have to say, who have bought used cars for sale in Spokane WA, about the service they have had at offer. Are they satisfied with what they got or not? Once you have a satisfactory answer to these questions, you can go ahead and buy used cars from the dealer.

  1. Loan options and more

Most important of all, you must have a look at the loan options that these guys have at offer for you. Check out the payment and installments you will have to make by calculating it from a loan calculator like the one they have at Car Emporium USA, as it can help you to plan about the future well in advance. And, that can be a great idea to ensure things don’t go south in your future!

Sounds quite simple, right?  Well you need some time to make sure that you have done your bit of research and found the right dealer to buy used car. Therefore, plan early and get going with the search process. What are you waiting for? Start with the search right away!

Wasting time by running around in search for car dealers in Spokane USA? Stop doing it, as you can get in touch with the best of the lot here at

Why Buying Used Cars for Sale in Spokane WA is Such a Great Option?


We all dream to own a luxury car. But the price tag at which it comes is simply not affordable for all of us. That does not mean you cannot buy it. The solution to this lies in buying used cars for sale. And, here are some of the reasons that make buying used cars for sale in Spokane WA, or wherever you are, such a great option.

Let us have a look at them one by one –

  1. Lower price tag

The first and the foremost reason for investing your money in used cars is the fact that they come at a lower price tag. So while buying a new luxury car like Porsche can cost you a fortune, you can get a used car at a price as less as $50,000. And, the best part is that it loses lesser in depreciation as well. So in case you would want to further sell it, then you would not lose too much.

  1. Used cars are not subject to sales tax

Laws vary from state to state, but in majority of states the used cars are not subject to sales tax laws. For instance, if you buy a used car in Georgia you would not be liable for any sales tax to the government. Therefore, you can expect to save quite a lot buy buying a used car in the taxes that you might have paid by buying a brand new car. And, you can use the saved money on quite a number of other things to add to your used car.

  1. Added accessories

Another great thing about buying cars from used car dealers in Spokane, which not many even pay heed to, is the fact that these cars come with some added features which the last buyer would have installed. For instance things like protective filming, anti-rust coating and more, which otherwise you would have had to pay might come already added in a used car. Therefore you can save some bucks on this aspect as well.

I’m sure all these reasons are more than sufficient for you to get lured in buying a car from Spokane used car dealers. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get in touch with a dealer to see what you can get and how much can you save by going for a used car instead of a brand new luxury vehicle.

From being just another car dealer in town to becoming one of the most loved Spokane used car dealers, has managed to do it all.